Written by Godfrey AKON

Siemens backs MACN’s anticorruption action in Nigeria

Energy giant, Siemens Energy Nigeria, is providing support for the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network, MACN, through its integrity initiative, to scale up its collective action initiative in Nigeria.

MACN, a global business network of over 130 companies working together, will implement the project and the Convention on Business Integrity, Cbi, from 2020 up to January 2023.

Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Convention on Business Integrity, Soji Apampa, said through the generous support from Siemens AG, CBi and MACN will be able to contribute to a stronger government and port authority compliance environment, and encourage public-private oversight of compliance in ports and terminals.

”We believe this will lead to more effective seaports and terminals services, and improved corruption prevention practices that, ultimately, will benefit any business using seaports or terminals in Nigeria.” Apampa said.

A statement by Siemens said its integrity initiative promotes projects around the world that seek to combat corruption through collective action.

According to the company, the selection process is highly competitive and favours projects that have a direct impact on the private sector and that strengthen compliance standards and legal systems.

It said the CBi was a recipient of support under the first round of funding which it used to develop a Corporate Governance Rating System, CGRS, in partnership with the Nigeria Stock Exchange.

Speaking on the support from Siemens, the Executive Director of MACN, Cecilia Müller Torbrand, said the Siemens Integrity Initiative is a very competitive funding call that, over the years, has supported some of the leading anti-corruption initiatives globally.

”For MACN, CBi, and our local stakeholders, the support from Siemens is fantastic recognition of our Collective Action work, and the impact we had in the Nigerian port and maritime sector. We are grateful for the support and excited to add Siemens to the list of donors supporting MACN,” Torbrand said.

Siemens noted that the project builds on, and will be integrated into, MACN and CBi’s ongoing work in Nigeria that is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

”As a result of the Siemens Integrity Initiative support, MACN will expand its work into multiple agencies and port users, enabling greater public-private sector dialogue on integrity issues, equipping local players with proven Collective Action methodologies to drive change, and supporting maritime industry Collective Action initiatives,” the company said.

CEO of Siemens Energy Nigeria, Ms. Onyeche Tifase, said “This initiative boosts Siemens efforts to support the establishment of higher integrity standards and fairer market conditions in Nigeria. We are looking forward to making this project a joint success.”

The company said over the coming three years MACN and CBi will enable port users to demand, track, and ensure greater compliance in Nigerian ports, help strengthen government capability to establish compliance systems and collaboration between business, government and civil society.

According to the energy giant, this will create the platform for the cultural changes that are necessary to improve trade flows in and out of Nigeria, and support the social economic growth the Nigerian government is targeting.


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