Written by Sarah NEGEDU

653 abandoned structures to undergo integrity test

Management of the Development Control Department, of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, have said the department will be carrying out intensive integrity test on all 653 abandoned structures scattered in the territory.


Director of the department, Murkta Galadima, said a number of abandoned buildings have been identified, hence the move to engage consultants to conduct integrity tests on the structures to determine their stability or otherwise. 


Galadima, who spoke at a meeting with engineering consultants and professional bodies in the building industry, added that all structures that fail the test, will have to be removed before they become unfortunate situations.


According to him, there are about 653 abandoned buildings in the nation's capital city, much of which serve as a safe haven for men of the underworld.


“We want to be more proactive; we don't have to wait to be caught napping, that is why we had to call the consultants and other stakeholders, so that we can have discussions and strategise on how to prevent structural failure, otherwise known as building collapse, in Abuja.


“Sometimes back the department of Development Control went out and identified a number of abandoned buildings, and some of these things have stayed for some times, so we need to engage consultants to conduct integrity tests on these structures to determine their stability or otherwise,” he explained.


On timeline for the exercise, the Director said “city development is a continuous process. What we are doing is to create awareness and sensitisation that people should live up to their responsibilities, if we just close our arms and some things happen, then we are not leaving up to expectation, so we have to do something.


“The meeting with the consultants is just the first leg, the second leg is invite all the owners of these buildings and tell them of the intention of the Administration.


“We are going to conduct this test and all structures that do not meet the requisite criteria will be removed because we are to safeguard lives and property.


“But those that are within the range of our remedial measures, we will make necessary recommendations. And thereafter, we will tell them the policy direction, particularly on abandoned buildings.”


Speaking, Deputy Registrar, Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria, Oyeteju Janet, said it's very important that professionals are engaged as much as possible in the execution of jobs.


She said: "To mitigate the issue of building collapse, there is need for stakeholders especially the seven professionals in the built industry to identify our job functions, because each of these professionals their job roles.


“And if all of us stay within the ambit of our designated job description, part of the problem will be half solved.”




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