Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Yahaya Bello: Reward without labour

Yahaya Bello, the All Progressives Congress replacement for late Prince Audu Abubakar for the Kogi Supplementary Governorship Election must count himself a lucky man.

He will, as well as his supporters, say it is written in his destiny to be governor at the expense of another man’s profound sweat even at the cost of his life.

Is it not said in the Good Book, that another shall toil, and another shall eat? Perhaps, Bello, who abandoned the APC ship when he could not secure the party’s ticket for the election in the first instance, Bello who lost his polling unit, ward and local government to the PDP, was destined to be governor at the tragedy and expense of Audu and James Falake, the deputy governorship candidate.

Well, it is still early days to tell if indeed it is the decision of heaven for Yahaya Bello to governor Kogi State at this time as the Days of Long Knives are still ahead.

But if it is written in Bello’s stars to be in Lugard House, then no matter the shenanigans of man, party and the courts can stop a man whose time has come.

For now, congratulations. 


The curious case of Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye is a character of chameleonic proportions. He changes with times and seasons. In one instance, he is an activist, a social crusader, in another breath; he is an escort, a bully and thug in defending those charged with corruption.

Melaye’s new enterprise is to work towards the gagging of social media; to undermine the essence of liberty and democracy.

For Melaye and his cohorts in the National Assembly, the intent focus on their activities is too much and needs to be checkmated.

The irony of Dino’s latest venture is that it was the same social media and other traditional media that they used to pillory the former administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Various social platforms were brutally deployed, stories were manufactured and half-truths peddled without restraint.

It is therefore one of the wonders of this era that Melaye and his ilk will consider a move that will undermine the peoples’ right to ask questions, criticise and be active participants in the democratic space.

For good measure, the Senators have voiced their intent, but the people have thrown the gauntlet that it is ‘imposicant.’ What a curious case!


Nigeria’s new ‘Nostradamus,’ Apostle Suleman

Every era have men, women inclusive, who are gifted with the Third Eye; that uncanny ability to look beyond the realm of the natural into the supernatural.

In Europe, they was Nostradamus, the man whose prophecies continue to hold so much attention that is whispered that America has continued to study his predictions to know which to avert and work towards fulfilling.

Nigeria has had its share of seers. Before his growing reputation, T.B. Joshua, the man in the Synagogue, was the much talked about prophet.

However, Apostle Johnson Suleman, founder of the Auchi, Edo State based Omega Fire and Miracles Ministries, is the newest sensation.

He had predicted Prince Abubakar Audu’s death as well as the fact that in six month time, Nigerians will be in the mood to stone Buhari.

Given that he is spot on amongst other ‘prophecies,’ it will do well for the new Nostradamus to see only good things for the country. Peradventure, Suleman sees doom, he should use his spiritual energy to ward off the evil omen as Nigerians are tired of the negative.


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