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Saving Kaduna from being Afghanistan

No country in modern history has had such a violent, seeming unending, such as Afghanistan. From one cycle of violence to the other has left it battered, poor and an anathema to progress and development.






Such seems to have become the fate of Southern Kaduna in Kaduna State. The predominately Christian and animist part of the state has been beleaguered by vicious attacks and blood chilling tales as waves after waves of attack has left many pondering as to what end.

Human Rights Watch in its latest report on the unending blood cuddling in Southern Kaduna observed that over 178 people have been killed in the past seven months in various communities, with 43 of those in a 3-day, July 21 to 24, killing spree.

The worrying part of the Southern Kaduna debacle if the continued excuses and non-committal of the federal and state governments to find solutions to the quagmire.

While the animosity in Southern Kaduna may be age-long, the indolence of the various state actors that have the force of law is chilling and indicts a wider plot.

While accusations and counter accusations persist, the government ought to remember its constitutional guarantee that the primary responsibility of government is the welfare and security of the people.

It is therefore incredulous and vexatious that those entrusted with the responsibility of securing and guaranteeing the security of the people will only be given to excuses and indolence.

This is unacceptable!

According to Human Rights Watch, the inability of the relevant security forces, especially the police, to identify the perpetrators or the motivations behind the attacks lends credence to the complicity of the government in sustaining these attacks.

It is not good enough that the state governor, Mr. Nasir el-Rufaí, will point to armed bandits as being responsible for the orgy of violence which includes rape, murder, arson and economic strangulation of indigenous communities of Southern Kaduna.

If the governor’s claims are anything to go by, it is his constitutional prerogative to address the banditry squarely and not all throw up his hands in despair.

A careful study of the crisis through various reports and eyewitness accounts of survivors indicate that in most cases of such mass violence, the security forces were always often absent or take few or no steps to contain it.

The constant and consistent lamentations by the Southern Kaduna Elders Forum, SOKAF, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and Northern States Christian Elders Forum, NOSCEF, as well as the common people should be enough to awaken President Muhammadu Buhari to be decisive and work to contain and resolve whatever issues there are.

The danger of allowing the killings to fester is to push the people of Southern Kaduna to own their militia and the consequences of this predictable.

With the country still gripped by the war against Boko Haram and other such terror groups, it will do well that another armed struggle is not add to a burdened military.

It is therefore instructive that the government demonstrates that all citizens and groups are equal by working to bring perpetrators, who have not been, be brought to justice. The failure of not doing so is the resulting cycles of impunity of more attacks and reprisal attacks.

The federal and state government cannot be seen to be dealing with bandits in places like Zamfara and Katsina states and continue to ignore the terrible situation in Southern Kaduna.

History has shown that there is a limit to how far a people can be pushed.









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