Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

Environmental condition in FCT troubling - Residents

Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital, once famous for its breath-taking environmental condition is gradually losing its reputation to heaps of garbage especially in satellite towns as the city witness influx of people. While the six area councils appear to be overwhelmed by the enormity of what needs to done, the FCT administration seem helpless as residents bear the brunt of their inactions. Grace SUNDAYcaught up with some residents who demanded urgent improvement. Excerpts:



The environmental condition in FCT is poor, especially in the satellite areas which are supposed to be the responsibility of area council chairmen.

It’s quite pathetic when you visit areas like Kurudu and Jikwoyi, where refuse are dumped in the middle of the road.

Sometimes it takes a number of days before the waste is evacuated. In most areas, there are no waste bins so the method of disposing waste is by burning it which causes air pollution detrimental to the people’s health.

I think the area councils need to wake up from their slumber and the Abuja Environmental Protection Board has to wake up to its duties.



Since the beginning of this administration, I noticed that the environmental sanitary condition of the FCT has increased tremendously.

I speak based on the condition of the area where I stay. For instance, years back when you pass through Karu especially towards the market area, the odour that came from the refuse dump was very terrible.

But since this administration came on board, they have been removing the waste from the road so the odour has reduced.

I dispose my waste using those ‘Aboki’ boys, they come to pick it from the house to take it to the place where AEPB will do the final disposal.







In my own opinion, I wouldn’t say Abuja is completely dirty; I will say it is fairly clean. I think the FCT administration is trying its best to ensure that Abuja is not a dirty place.

Sometimes when you drive around the city area you see those women sweeping the road, clearing stuff that need to be removed from the street.

Compared to other places like Lagos and Ibadan, I will say Abuja is trying. I use refuse bin and when they are filled, I dispose them by paying some boys to do so.







The careless attitude of residents towards environmental issues in their immediate environment is the reason for poor sanitation culture in the capital city.

You find that various residential houses have waste bins but you will still see people dumping their waste on the ground, leaving the container empty.

Government should intensify enlightenment and education of the residents on sanitation through the media so that when people hear about the dangers of poor sanitation, they would be motivated to stay clean.

Government should also be proactive in disposing filled waste containers on time rather than leaving it for scavengers to scavenge the waste and litter the ground with dirt.

Case study is Nyaya-Mararaba axis where for weeks you will see containers filled with waste thereby causing health problems to residents.



There are some places in the FCT that are very clean yet there are some places that are very disgusting.

The central area of FCT is very clean but the satellite towns are very dirty. I think the government should reposition and focus on the satellite towns.

I dispose my waste in a waste bin. When it is filled some mai bolas come to collect them and finally dispose, though I don’t know where.




The sanitary condition in Abuja is very poor. When you come to Kubwa, you will find out that the main road is like a refuse dump.

Everywhere is so dirty. The drainage is being used as refuse dump. At times one finds it difficult to breathe when passing by.

One of the causes of the dirty road is the fact that the boys who collect waste from people’s houses do dump them at the road causing environmental pollution.

I dispose my dirt by gathering it into a waste bin and at the end of the day, the people in charge of environmental come to pick them.


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