Written by Sarah NEGEDU

Residents lament as FCTA removes 54 kiosks over Covid-19 violations

It has been lamentation in Karu Site and Jikwoyi Phase 1 of Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, as 54 kiosks and makeshift structures were demolished on Friday for allegedly violating the Land Use Act and established COVID-19 protocols.

Also affected was a perimeter fencing and adjoining structures of a drinking parlour and Parish Lounge and nightclub, all sealed off with a warning to their developers to revert to the original approved land use.

Officials of the Development Control Department and Covid-19 Enforcement team in collaboration with other relevant agencies under the FCTA, stormed the area with bulldozer and carried out the exercise in the morning.

Most of the structures affected were located along road corridors of Agric quarters and under power high-tension line in site and St. Simon's Church, Jikwoyi phase 1 Extension off Sada Cruz.

Residents lamented that in removing their kiosks and businesses, the team did not have to “wantonly destroy their items.”

A car wash operator, who declined to be named, said, “If they have removed my overhead cover, why break into piece the water tanks? How can people behave so badly? Two water tanks of 1000 liters broken into pieces at a time when there is no job in this country. This is sad.”

A money transfer agent, Monica, explained that she just began business about a month ago and her kiosk which poses no environmental distortion have been demolished.

“I feel terribly bad. I am a graduate and because I couldn’t get work, my family set this up for me about a month ago and now see what has happened. Tell me how this is fair.”

Speaking after the exercise, Acting Director, Development Control, Garba Kwamkur, said the FCT Minister, Mal. Muhammad Bello, had given them a matching order to rid the city of miscreants, unapproved developments and make the city habitable for all well-meaning citizens.

“We are removing all infractions and unapproved developments within the city road corridors. Right now we are going around satellite towns, and we are starting with Karu Site and Jikwoyi.

“It is a continuous exercise; we are going even up to Abaji that we have not being going for some time. We are ready for all the satellite towns within the city.”



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