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How FG can tackle insecurity in schools- Nigerians








The frequency of attacks, kidnappings and criminalities against institutions of learning has necessitated calls by Nigerians for government action to forestall further attacks on schools. Nigerians who spoke to our correspondents suggested ways the government can better secure the institutions. Excerpts:

FADEKE OGUNTUASE: To protect schools from attacks, school administrators should liaise with private security agencies and law enforcement. The presence of such personnel can ward off intruders. These security personnel and law enforcement officials do more than just provide security in schools. They conduct searches, assist with investigations of students who commit crimes and break school rules and patrol school grounds.

Security personnel are also in a better position to easily identify suspicious activity within school grounds and being at the right place at the right time can help these officials to counter criminals with ill intentions.

Another measure schools can put in place is to organise a violence prevention awareness program to educate the students and staff on what to do in case of any violence within the school premises.

HELEN TEGHTEGH: I think it is about time to declare a state of emergency in this country because it is happening over and over again and raising children that are traumatized is very strenuous. Even if they are not harmed, it is not a good thing. Carrying them along armed bandits is traumatizing enough. That would affect them in the future knowingly or unknowingly. So it is high time we declare a state of emergency on security and then for schools, public or private, there are two options. It is better they increase their security personnel.

The second option is to close down boarding schools so that parents should drop and pick their kids. It's better to drop and pick them at school and be assured of their security during the day, than have bandits coming at night to pack them. It is quite traumatizing even as parents. Some of us who have children in boarding schools, you sit and from nowhere, your heart skips. It's a secondary trauma to this already. So the solution is, like I said, both state and federal governments should declare a state of emergency.

ALOYSIUS UDOYE: Security belongs to God and it's said that unless God keeps watch over a city, the watchmen keep awake but in vain. Having said that, the problem with Nigeria is very simple; these people are using the schools now because they know that the sentiments are there and when they gather the children, they will get ransom.

If Nigerians want this country to be stabilized, let them restructure the country. There should be state policing. If a Tiv man is a police man here, it will be difficult for a Fulani man to come here and carry children because they will do their best to fight it. But the way it is, the country is too big for the policemen to cover, and when they go out they have divided attention, they have instructions from here and there and they may not be committed.

Intelligence network will tell them that these people are coming but they will do nothing because it depends on who is the leader. Somebody who is concerned about the Fulani and its instruments will do nothing. Even if they are caught, he will ask you to release them. We are just deceiving ourselves. Because of the thinly spread of the police, security agents are being licked like soup. They are not reasonable enough in number to withstand assault.

See criminals all over the place, they said it many years ago that they will permeate every place and they are all over the place. This is beginning to happen in increasing manner. Before it used to happen around Borno, now it has entered the Niger which is in the center. If they could enter there and pick children, what prevents them from picking from any other place? The next place to target is Abuja because they know that is where the children of the House member areas once they pick, they will start calling trillions and they would want the money to be paid.

AMOS AGBILE: Any security without technology won’t work because you need to take proactive measures. These our students are many and if you cannot make a quick decision, a decision that will give a reasonable amount of time like one hour, you will still be taken by surprise. Even if you plant some security men within the school, these people might just overpower them. With technology, if you can plant CCTV some distance away and there, you have the monitor right there in the school.

If the government is a very serious one, they can even plant military people or police people to be monitoring these CCTV some metres away so that once any crime is approaching, they can see it on time, if it is re-enforcement they need, they would make that decision so that  the students do not even know that something like this is happening. Anything short of that, for me, it won’t work. I know the next thing is the challenge of electricity.

JUDE OGBONNA: Public schools in the country have encountered banditry attacks in recent times, resulting in kidnapping of school children from their hostels. Barely a week ago, 42 students and teachers were kidnapped in Government Science College Kagara, Niger state. There are measures that should be in place to stem the tide.

One of such is to increase school security systems in different ways. The school will ensure to lock up unmonitored entrances and limit access to their property. There should be more security guards in each school who are required to check all visitors coming in through a physical search. Schools with less security guards should hire security guard services in man all entrances.

A Walk-through Metal detector should be installed in entrances at every school. The walk-through metal detectors should be manned by professional guards who are trained in the field. Also, school administrations should conduct random weapons screening in search for any form of weapon that might be with any student.










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