Written by Ijeoma UKONU

Nigeria spent N17.5 trillion on generators in 5 years - Onyekpere

Worried by the current state of the country's power generation, the Centre for Social Justice has revealed that Nigeria spent a princely N17.5 trillion on generators in 5 years which equals N3.5 trillion annually.

Addressing journalists at a roundtable discussion, the Lead Director of CSJ, Barr. Eze Onyekpere, said the report, 'Green Budget- A Policy Brief For Sustainable Energy In Nigeria,' shows that about 550 ministries, departments and agencies have stand-by generator sets with fuelling cost allocated by the Federal government amounting to N815million

Stating further, he said "the N815 million is meant for the purchase of fuel and lubricants for cars and generators in the presidency, office of the secretary to the government of the federation and parastatals under them in the 2015 budget.

He however added that 95 million out of 170 million Nigerians have no access to the grid electricity while the remaining 75 million people connected to the grid face substantial power interruptions.

According to the survey, a report published by the World Health Organization, 30 percent of Nigerians use kerosene which predisposes them to danger as breathing kerosene fumes is the equivalent to smoking 2 packets of cigarettes a day and two-third of adult females with lung cancer are in developing nations are non-smokers but cooking mothers.

Indoor air pollution by kerosene fumes kills 1.5 million people per year.

According to Onyekpere, "power and energy are relevant in dictating the rate of economic productivity, reduce poverty and employment generation. The decision on the source of energy adopted also dictates the pace of environment improvements or degradation.


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