Written by Emmanuel Ogbeche

The bell tolled for Kwankwasiyya

Just 10 months after relinquishing power to his deputy, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the proponent of theKwankwasiyya philosophy in Kano has seen the denouncement of his teachings albeit political influence.

Like all godfathers before him in Nigeria, Kwankwaso failed to realize when to let go; when to yield power to the new power holder at the state level.

For years, Umar Ganduje, present governor of Kano state, was by the side of Kwankwaso and had worked with him through the ranks.

It was expected he would have known how his ‘boss’ works, what ticks him. Also, Kwankwaso should have come to learn a thing or two about the man he would hand over the reins of power to. But it seems, both were working at cross purposes, and now the center can no longer hold.

Breaking with tradition, Kwankwaso became the first governor in Nigeria to hand over power to his deputy.

But that no longer counts as fatwa was placed on Kwankwasiyya as a philosophy as the political elite have switched allegiance. In doing so, the symbol of the movement, the red fez-like cap, was discarded, and the bell tolled; a death knell for all things Kwankwasiyya.

For now, it is the days of the long knives in Kano between once upon a godson and his godfather with dire political consequences. 


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