‘Neo-Imperialist Investments’ Under Fire

- As oil giant Shell gets bloody nose in Nigeria





The saying that “Justice maybe slow but it will come eventually,” became a reality in the long running legal battle brought agains [...]

Mon, 01 March 2021

How Abuja residents are ’defending’ their communities

The rate of insecurity in the country seems to be at an all-time high, with reported cases of kidnapping, banditry and other violent crimes being on the increase in most states of the federation.


The security situation in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja is not any diff [...]

Sun, 21 February 2021

Genital mutilation: Counting the cost for the girl-child

Part of the consequences Female Genital Mutilation poses on the girl-child according to experts includes; infertility, maternal death, infections, and the loss of sexual pleasure.

Experts have viewed this practice as harmful to girls and women and a violation of their human rights, stre [...]

Tue, 09 February 2021

Women in Agriculture: How communal crisis set back my farming business — Farmer Susan Godwin’s farm was burnt down during a communal crisis and says restoring the farm has been an uphill task since then.

Susan Godwin was in Lafia in 2013, helping her daughter nurse her newborn baby, when she received the news that her house and 30-heactare farm back home in Tudun Adebu had been burnt down during an intercommunal conflict in Obi Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.


Sun, 17 January 2021

30 years of pain. Sometimes, I feel like ending it all - Victim of Lymphatic Filariasis

As flourishing as her business was, Madam Bilikis Asimiu, a hard-working woman, would have gone farther in life but for her condition- Lymphatic Filariasis, one of the Neglected Tropical Diseases, she had to depend on people to get by daily.


Tue, 17 November 2020

Relics of #EndSARS protests in FCT

All over the world, issues of police brutality have become worrisome with the subject often times attracting wide spread protest and sometimes and opportunity to discuss established societal ills.





Tue, 10 November 2020

In Lagos, wasting, stunting among under 5 children, a time bomb

As a matter of urgency, the Lagos state government needs to scale up nutrition interventions in order to save under-five children in the state from stunting and wasting.




Mon, 02 November 2020

Sustaining UNICEF’s GEP3 legacies in Katsina







Over 1,000 teachers from 12 local governments received training on Reading and Numeracy Activities, RANA; while 292 schools in 9 local governments witnessed improved girls’ enrolment under G4G, and over 1,000 [...]

Thu, 29 October 2020


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01 March 2021

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