Primary healthcare and need for legislative intervention

The major role of primary health care is to provide continuous and comprehensive care to patients in order to attain better health services for all.

The delivery of quality primary health care services can have a large impact on the health of Nigerians.

Mon, 23 December 2019

Is stress good or bad? It’s actually both

A 100-year-old ‘law’ suggests stress can be both an intellectual and physical performance enhancer – but only up to a point. So how can you find the sweet spot?





& [...]

Sat, 14 December 2019

Persons with disability: Breaking barriers, without exceptions






About three million of the population in Lagos State are Persons with Disabilities, PwDs, who are mostly neglected, excluded and unable to access basic services including education, hea [...]

Sat, 07 December 2019

Family planning: Government needs to do more- Marie Stopes

With the 2019 budget for family planning, FP, reduced by 90 percent, the unexpected turn of events according to stakeholders is a call for government to pay more attention to family planning.


The slashed budget is in contrast to the Government of Ni [...]

Mon, 02 December 2019

How women, girls pro-laws poorly implemented in Nigeria

Despite alarming statistics of Violence Against Women and Girls, VAWG, it is sad that there is poor implementation of laws protecting women and girls against abuse in Nigeria.



Also unfortunately, the country has achieve [...]

Sun, 24 November 2019

Child Rights @30: The demands of improved healthcare, education

As Nigeria joins the world to mark the anniversary of the Child Right Convention, CRC @30, young persons has demanded for improved healthcare, education across board from the Federal government.



The youths said, for Nigeria to achieve [...]

Sat, 16 November 2019

Nigeria’s tortuous child rights journey

The Nigerian child daily bears a burden occasioned with mirage of issues from rape, violence ranging from; domestic, sexual, physical, emotional amongst others.

Children today faces neglect, abandonment and are still disadvantaged in accessing the basics of life due them.

Sun, 10 November 2019

Birth registration: Why most Nigerian children are left out

Though Birth registration is the first step towards recognizing a child’s inalienable right as a human being, unfortunately, millions of children in Nigeria whose birth were not registered often times have been denied or violated of their rights as it goes unnoticed.


Sun, 03 November 2019


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