Oyo: Making Giant Strides in Newborn Health

To prevent most newborn deaths, health experts say, it is important to invest in the first 1,000 days of a child as it is key to boosting the immune system which helps fight against childhood diseases.

Global health put breastfeeding as one of the best investments for a child, as every $1 inves [...]

Sat, 13 April 2019

1.9m Nigerians living with HIV/AIDs - NACA

The Director General, National Agency for the Control of AIDs, NACA, Sani Aliyu, has revealed that about 1.9 million Nigerians are currently HIV positive in the country. 

He made this known in Abuja during the presentation of the survey result obtained from the recent survey conducted.&nbs [...]

Sun, 17 March 2019

Health insurance: Oyo barter system

When one hears of barter system, the attention is focused on business, trading goods for goods but that is not the case here.

In Oyo State, Nigeria you can trade farm produce for health insurance enrolment as this is geared towards ensuring that no one is left behind.

This Bater system w [...]

Sun, 17 March 2019

Sleep tight! Researchers identify the beneficial role of sleep

Why do animals sleep? Why do humans "waste" a third time of their lives sleeping? Throughout evolution sleep has remained universal and essential to all organisms with a nervous system, including invertebrates such as flies, worms, and even jellyfish. But the reason why animals sleep -- desp [...]

Sun, 10 March 2019

Male contraceptive stops sperm not hormones


A new study published today in the journal PLOS ONE details how a compound called EP055 binds to sperm proteins to significantly slow the overall mobility of the sperm without affecting hormones, making EP055 a potential "male pill" without side effects.

"Simply put [...]

Sun, 10 March 2019

Having more children slows down aging process

A study by Simon Fraser University researchers suggests that the number of children born to a woman influences the rate at which her body ages.

The study led by health sciences professor Pablo Nepomnaschy and postdoctoral researcher Cindy Barha found that women who give birth to more surviving [...]

Sun, 10 March 2019

HIV: Family based approach, identification point for adolescents

To intensify HIV response for adolescents and young people, a new project is using family based and index case finding approaches as an entry point to identify adolescent and young people, AYP, living with HIV in Lagos state.

The project was initiated in response to the 2016 National Adolescent [...]

Mon, 25 February 2019

TB: USAID, group partner on reporting

The National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme, NTBLCP, in collaboration with the Breakthrough ACTION BA, and USAID funded project has organised a capacity building workshop for health reporters on reporting and content development for TB in Nigeria. 

The four-day workshop was aim [...]

Mon, 25 February 2019


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