How eating breakfast benefits human health, says study

Eating breakfast regularly has a lot of health benefits, according to nutritionists. They say it is the most important meal of the day and key to healthy living and lifestyle.

Studies have shown that kids and young adults who go to school without breakfast tend to have a less than impressive pe [...]

Fri, 06 December 2019

Community engagement will accelerate ending HIV/AIDS – NACA boss

The director general, National Agency for the Control of AIDS, NACA, Dr. Gambo Aliyu, has said that accelerated community engagements would help to navigate national HIV response in the country.

Gambo stated this in Abuja, in commemoration of World AIDS day. He said communities have been playin [...]

Fri, 06 December 2019

IHS supports USAID’s HIV/AIDS eradication efforts in Bayelsa

As part of its efforts to involve private sector involvement in Nigeria’s health sector, the U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, accepted a contribution from a leading telecommunications infrastructure firm IHS Nigeria to support USAID’s activities to eradicate HIV and AIDS i [...]

Mon, 02 December 2019

Group launches initiative against sexual abuse, violence against women

The prevention of violence against women and sexual assault requires taking action regarding social norms, and the media have a major part to play in shaping these norms, experts have said.

This was disclosed at the launch of the Media Against Sexual Violence program organized by the HACEY Heal [...]

Mon, 02 December 2019

Health workers tasked on new developments in mental health

An expert on mental health, Dr. Terver Chieshe, has called on all health workers across the country to have knowledge in mental health to enable them identify, diagnose and treat mental illness among their patients.

Chieshe urged health workers not to be afraid of mental illness but to study th [...]

Mon, 02 December 2019

Science underestimated dangerous effects of sleep deprivation

Michigan State University's Sleep and Learning Lab has conducted one of the largest sleep studies to date, revealing that sleep deprivation affects us much more than prior theories have suggested.

Published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, the research is not only one of [...]

Thu, 28 November 2019

IVF methods, success rates improving – Experts

Fertility specialists and stakeholders have urged couples battling with infertility to avoid patronizing quacks, saying infertility as classified by the World Health Organisation, WHO, as a public health disease requiring proper medical attention from qualified personnel at accredited facilities.


Thu, 28 November 2019

Study links exercise to lower depression risk

Exercise can help curtail episodes of depression, even in those who have an increased genetic risk, a new study has revealed.

The researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA, who stated in their report that it is common knowledge that exercise is good for physical health, als [...]

Thu, 28 November 2019


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