A doctor who is specialised in treating children is called what?

Whose services do you need when your water pipes break?

What are the three colours of the traffic light?

What colour of the traffic light says stop?

Dollar is to the United States of America as what is to Nige [...]

Mon, 07 March 2016


What can run but cannot walk?

I have been around for many years, but do not last more than a month, who am I?

I am an object; I have a neck but no head, who am I?

There’s something I have that I can’t share it, if I share it, I can’t have it, what is it?

H [...]

Mon, 07 March 2016

Did you know?

Did you know the world's first magnetic soap could be used to help clean up oil spills?

Did you know the farthest point from the centre of the Earth is on the top of Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador at 20,561 feet?

Did you know that at the equator the Earth is spinning at almost 1,000 m [...]

Mon, 07 March 2016


Name: Gloria Eya 

Age: 9 years old

School: Government Primary School, Koroduma, Oneman village, Nassarawa State

Ambition: she wants to be a doctor

Likes: dancing 

Mon, 07 March 2016


If a wound is very long or deep or if its edges are far apart, then you may need stitches. The doctor will use some type of anesthetic on your skin to numb it (numb means you won't be able to feel anything there for a while). This numbing medicine might be applied directly or through a shot.

< [...]

Mon, 07 March 2016


Before several centuries, there was a very large, dense and dark forest. A group of monkeys arrived at the forest. It was winter season, and the monkeys struggled hard to survive the freezing cold nights. 

They were hunting for fire to get warm. One night, they saw a firefly and considered [...]

Mon, 07 March 2016


Sun, 28 February 2016


I am an object with one eye but cannot see, who am I?

I am active, people feel my impact but cannot see me, who am I?

A driver of an SUV drove from Lagos to Ibadan without putting on his headlights, no street lights were on, and the moon was not out, how did he see the road? 

Sun, 28 February 2016


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