SHORT STORY The Lazy Dreamer

Once, in a small village, there lived a poor Brahmin. He was very learned, but did nothing all day. Every day he lived on alms the villagers gave him.






One day, as usual, the Brahmin got up in t [...]

Fri, 28 December 2018

SHORT STORY The camel, the deer and the horse

Long, long ago, when animals could talk, the camel had antlers and a long, thick, beautiful tail.  So the camel was very proud of himself, and he always showed off his beautiful and magnificent antlers to the others.




< [...]

Sat, 15 December 2018

Short Stories April Fools

One evening in April, rumours of missing treasures filtered in from a wealthy king in a nearby town adjoining a hamlet where two poor friends lived. 

All night, the villagers stayed awake, discussing the missing treasures and wondering who may dare to search the rocky mountain where the tr [...]

Fri, 30 November 2018


A wealthy businessman was worried about his son’s bad habits. He sought counsel from a wise, old man. The old man met the man’s son and took him out for a stroll. They walked into the woods, and the old man showed the boy a small sapling and asked him to pull it out. The boy did so with ea [...]

Fri, 09 November 2018

SHORT STORY The Hidden Treasure

There was an old man living in his village. He had four sons and they were very lazy. The old man fell sick and was counting his last days in bed. He worried a lot about his sons’ future as the young men hesitated a lot to work. The sons believed that luck would favour them.

The old man&r [...]

Fri, 02 November 2018





Once upon a time, a student named Rakesh lived in an ashram. Every night he used to jump over the ashram's boundary wall and roam around. He used to return before dawn. No one knew that Rakesh went out at night.

One n [...]

Fri, 26 October 2018

SHORT STORIES The boasting traveller

A man came back from a tour and boasted about his adventurous journeys. He talked at length about the different people he met and his amazing feats that got him fame and praise from people everywhere. 

He went on to say that he went to the Rhodes where he had leaped to such distances that [...]

Sun, 21 October 2018

SHORT STORIES The four students

There were four friends who hated studying. They partied all night before their exams and planned to skip the test by lying to the professor. So they went to the dean and told him that they had been to a wedding the previous night and on their way back, they had a flat tire. They continued to say that [...]

Sun, 30 September 2018


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