Short Story: Advising A Fool



On a mango tree in a jungle, there lived many birds. They were happy in their small nests. Before the onset of the rainy season, all the animal of the jungle repaired their homes. The birds also made their homes more secure.

Sun, 02 August 2020

What kids say about tobacco





Short story: Around the campfire

Once while traveling, Raman found himself in the company of a group of soldiers.

They were all veterans of war and soon they got to t [...]

Fri, 10 July 2020

Short story: Why the bat flies by night








A bush rat called Oyot was a great friend of Emiong, the bat; they always fed together, but the bat was jealous of the bush rat. When the bat cooked the fo [...]

Mon, 22 June 2020

Short story: Elephant and Friends

One day an elephant wandered into a forest in search of friends.






He saw a monkey on a tree.

“Will you be my friend?" asked the elephant.

Replied the mo [...]

Mon, 25 May 2020

KIDS AND HEALTH Coronavirus: What Kids Can Do







Short Story:  The Tailless Dassie

Long ago, the Lion was the only animal with a tail. One day he decided that all animals should have a tail [...]

Sun, 03 May 2020

Short Story: The King is missing

There was once a boy whose parents were the custodians of an impressive old castle. The place was full of old paintings, arms and armour. One day, the boy noticed something strange about one of the main paintings. Normally, it showed one of the old Kings, with scepter in hand, standing next to his son [...]

Sat, 25 April 2020

Beg Your Pardon Mrs. Aisha!

One afternoon, a little boy had lost his kitten. He looked under his bed. He looked all over his house. But still there was no puppy.

Finally, he looked for his puppy in the garden. After a few hours, he still could not find t [...]

Sat, 14 March 2020

Short Story: Selfish friendship








Once a cat was caught in a hunter's net. A mouse used to live in a nearby hole. The mouse seeing the cat in the net started playing around the cat.


Sun, 01 March 2020


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21 October 2020