Innoson cars will sell for N1 million in 2014 - Chukwuma

The Chairman of Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Company Limited, Chief Innocent Chukwuma, shortly after the first meeting of Goodluck Support Group Elders Advisory Council in Abuja spoke on his plans to ensure Nigerians own brand new cars from his company which produces vehicles locally in Nnewi in Anambra State. He spoke to Salvator AMADI Excerpts:


Sir, would you tell us a little about the inauguration of the Goodluck Support Group Elders Advisory Council which just took place?

Yes. We are here to make sure that President Goodluck Jonathan continues the good work he has been doing in Nigeria since assumption of office three years ago. It is to the benefit of all Nigerians to support him because if we support him, Nigeria will have a great future. That is the essence of our presence.


Your company, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited has donated some buses to Goodluck Support Group. Is that correct?

Yes. That is because we know that if he continues, Nigeria will be the better for it. We are Nigerians and we want him to continue so that Nigeria will take her proper position as the giant of Africa. Anybody that does not support him is an opposition. Before long, they will discover that Goodluck is the best President Nigeria has ever had. He has done so many things to prove his leadership capacity.

For now, your company produces buses, jeeps and pick-up trucks. When should Nigerians expect cars from your assembly plant against the backdrop of the Federal Government policy on patronage of made in Nigeria cars by ministries, departments and agencies?

The cars are on the way. I can assure you that in the next few months, you will see our cars on the roads all over Nigeria. We are pleased to inform you that we shall come out with cars that Nigerians can afford to own with just N1million. When we say we are champions of made in Nigeria vehicles, it is not just by words of mouth. We put our money where our mouth is. 

We are proudly Nigerian and we are strongly committed to loyalty to the nation, true patriotism and nationalism. That is why when we are blessed with genuine selfless leaders who are committed to taking Nigeria to the next level in the comity of nations, we owe it as a duty to ourselves and the nation to support them. As they say in pidgin English, “we believe in Nigeria no be for mouth.” 

We believe in Nigeria and we believe in Goodluck. He is a golden leader. That is why his leadership has brought historical gold medals to Nigeria through the Super Eagles via the African Nations Cup 2013 and FIFA U-17 World Cup 2013. When you talk of unity in Nigeria, you know that football is the greatest unifying factor in the country. You know the efforts President Jonathan has made in advancing the football sector.

In global politics, I am sure you are aware that it is on record that it is only during his tenure that Nigeria was elected twice into the United Nations Security Council. The list of achievements is so long that if I stand here to start itemizing them for you, I will miss my flight. I must rush off now. I just want you to remember that one Goodluck deserves another. This is because, with him, good things.