Written by Ijeoma UKAZU

NGO, MBGN, Nordica partner on endometriosis

In a bid to create awareness and sensitize the girl-child on endometriosis, a non- governmental organization; Endometriosis Support Group Nigeria, ESGN, has partnered the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, MBGN 2015, and Nordica Fertility Centre to drive the cause.

Speaking to students of Queens College, Yaba-Lagos, Managing Director, Nordica Fertility Centre and ESGN representative, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, said the awareness exercise was crucial for better management of the disorder.

According to Ajayi, endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the womb is found elsewhere which is most commonly on the ovaries, in the recto-vaginal septum, bladder and bowel.

He said that the tissue behaves like the lining of the womb, bleeding every month and can cause severe and chronic pain.

Ajayi told the students not to take seriously with any issue relating to endometriosis because it has some unbearable health consequences, like chronic pain, painful sex and infertility.

To avoid delay or possible misdiagnosis of the condition, Ajayi appealed to the school authority that any student who complains of painful menstruation and whose monthly flow keeps away from regular academic activities could be possible signs of Endometriosis.

Speaking, MBGN 2015 winner and a former student of the school, Anyadike Temitope, said, "I came to my alma mata to educate the students about the condition as a result of the general lack of awareness about Endometriosis among Nigerians.

"Endometriosis is my pet project because at one point in my life I thought I had the disorder owing to painful and terrible menstruation but after seeing a doctor, I was not diagnosed with the disease. I will continue to raise awareness on Endometriosis until it gets the needed attention."


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