Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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AMAC sacks revenue consultants, unveils new tax collection

The leadership of the Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, is reorganising its revenue collection policies to tackle issues of multiple taxation plaguing the council.
In view of this, the AMAC Chairman Hon. Christopher Maikalangu, yesterday, terminated the services of Technical Partners and Consultants collecting revenues on behalf of the council.
Maikalangu alleged that their activities were shrouded with illegalities and none remittances of agreed revenue generated percent to the council account.
While identifying competency and accountability as the hallmark of his administration, he assured that legality will not be compromised in consultancy services and technical partnership in his administration.
“We have fashioned a new way of revenue generation legally to increase and revamp the council’s revenue base. We want to completely curb the menace of multiple taxation and illegalities in AMAC.
“We have to come together to have a synergy as partners in progress to move AMAC forward. This is a new administration to build a better AMAC that can be able to pay workers’ salaries as and at when due and also take developmental project to our rural communities. This can only be made possible if our revenue base is strong.
“We cannot continue to do things in this same way of the former administrations and expect a different result. On this note, starting today 6th October 2022, all partners generating revenue on-behalf of Abuja Municipal Area Council are here by dissolve. I therefore, thank you for the job you have done for the council in the past,” he stated.
He added that the council will also reconsider reengaging technical partners who have perform excellently in their past engagement, adding that the administration will not condole illegality.
“That is why we asked you to come with your statement of accounts because tomorrow. If the EFCC or ICPC come to the council it may be difficult for me to defend what I do not know. This administration cannot condole illegality. From today any technical partner we engage must adhere to our new policy direction as far as revenue generation is concerned.
“We have provided new AMAC account for revenue generation, which is 65percent for AMAC and 35percent for the technical partners, and all the monies meant for the council should be paid to the new councils account and not to an individual or any company account. So we have concluded plans to write to the commissioner of police to arrest any person claiming to be engaged by AMAC by any past administration.”
The council chairman also said that the new technical partners to be engaged must stick to the new policy of revenue generation and that he would not hesitate to disengage the services of consultant who performed below expectation.

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