Thursday, September 21, 2023
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63% of Nigerian youths willing to migrate abroad – Report

By Godfrey AKON

A new public opinion poll conducted by NOIPolls has revealed that major causes of Nigerians migrating to other countries are the search for greener pastures, education tourism and the desperation to escape the insecurity in the country.

The Migration Poll carried out by NOIPolls from July 2023, revealed that “63 per cent of adult Nigerians say they are willing to relocate to other countries if given an opportunity.”

According to the survey, which was published in NOIPolls website, the search for greener pasture is 60 per cent and the major drive for migration, followed by education with 32 per cent, while 3 per cent cited insecurity as the reason why they would like to migrate to foreign countries.

It noted that more youths, respondents within the age bracket of 18 – 35 years, representing 73 per cent, formed the largest group with a willingness to migrate.

The survey said 18 per cent of adult Nigerians have someone who has migrated to a foreign country in the last 2 years as against 9 per cent 3-5 years ago, while 73 per cent of Nigerians have no one who has migrated.

Cumulatively, the polls said “27 per cent of Nigerians have family members who have relocated to foreign countries in the last five years, with 60 per cent revealing their family members left in search for greener pastures abroad.

“It is also worthy of note that 18 percent of Nigerians reported that their family members were unemployed before they left the country. Additionally, 63 percent of Nigerians disclosed they will be willing to relocate if an opportunity comes citing the need for better education (22 percent) and security (12 percent) as top reasons.”

The survey said “Further analysis by geographical locations clearly showed that the South-East zone (74 percent) accounts for the highest proportion of Nigerians willing to migrate to other countries if given the opportunity. This is closely followed by the South-South (70 percent) and South-West zone (63 percent).

 “More findings revealed that most adult Nigerians (50 percent), believe that Nigerians living abroad have better living conditions. Similarly, (54 percent) are of the opinion that those living in foreign countries are better off in terms of opportunities compared to Nigerians at home. Further analysis shows that a considerable proportion (52 percent) assert that Nigerians living in foreign countries are better off financially.”

On how government can reduce the rate of migration, the report said “64 per cent want the government to create jobs, 29 per cent advised the government to tackle insecurity, and 26 percent proposed the provision of basic amenities.

“Additionally, 25 per cent want the government to reduce inflation, while 14 percent recommended the creation of better working conditions, 11 percent want the government to improve the welfare of citizens and 12 percent suggest improvement of healthcare services, economy, and electricity. However, just a few respondents (1 percent) want the government to open the borders.

“The recent wave of Nigerians relocating out of the country represents the largest movement of people out of the country since the end of the civil war, over fifty years ago.”

On the profile of those who are relocating, the report said “they are primarily skilled workers mostly doctors, nurses, IT engineers, university lecturers, and technicians. They also include people who completed their studies abroad and opted to stay back because our country has nothing to offer them regarding jobs, opportunities, or even basic safety.”

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