Sunday, January 16, 2022
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AMAC Chair inaugurates Council transition committee

Laraba MUREY

The chairman, Abuja Municipal Area Council, Abdullahi Candido, (AMAC) on Wednesday constituted a 13-member transition committee to overlook the proper take-off of the incoming administration in May 2022.

Candido who has been  the Chairman of the Council for two terms disclosed the purpose of the committee is to inform intending candidates vying for the office to understand the legacies by the Candido led administration to improve on it for the growth of the Council. 

The committee will be chaired by the Chief of staff , Ibrahim Tanko while Mr. Abdulkudus Imam as secretary.

Other members of the committee include; Helen Zamani, Adamu Mohammed, Aminu Abubakar, Abiodun Essiet, Andrew Gaza, Esther Ogunleye, Olaloye Patience, Jibreel Babangoshi, Hassan Haruna, Omale Shehu and Sani Shuaibu.

the tasked for the committee was clearly stated and explained by Candido is to ensure the handover off detailing project executed by this administration highlighting commitments and liabilities, engage with the Chairmen and their deputies, visit Legacy projects by the administration for example a ICT  Centre at Orozo explain the importance of sustaining them for futuristic purpose, highlight intergovernmental relationships and any other matter that may arise later. 

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