Friday, October 7, 2022
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Ronaldo under fire over picture with controversial right-wing psychologist

Cristiano Ronaldo has been criticised after the Manchester United forward posted a photo of himself alongside right-wing psychologist Jordan Peterson on Instagram.

Peterson has become a divisive figure in recent years due to his controversial views on transgender people, Covid-19 vaccinations and masculinity.

Back in 2017, Peterson was suspended from Twitter after deadnaming and misgendering the actor Elliot Page.

He tweeted: ‘Remember when Pride was a sin? And [Elliot Page] just had [his] breasts removed by a criminal physician.’

Peterson received backlash for his comments on Page, who came out as transgender three years later.

Peterson also caused a stir last year when he claimed ‘you’d have to kill me first’ to get him to receive a Covid-19 vaccination booster.

With his arm around Peterson’s shoulder, Ronaldo captioned the photo: ‘Nice to see you my friend! #seeyousoon.’

A number of supporters have been disappointed by Ronaldo’s decision to take a picture with Peterson.

‘Really tarnishing his legacy here,’ one supporter wrote on Twitter.

‘Oh wow, gone off Ronaldo now,’ another added.

‘Grim. Get him gone,’ another fan wrote.

It has also been pointed out that this photo could now lead to Peterson gaining even more attention, while one fan lashed out at Ronaldo for being ‘entitled’.

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