Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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NIPC vows to attract more investments to Nigeria

The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, NIPC, has vowed to attract more foreign and local investments to the country.

Newly-appointed Executive Secretary of NIPC, Saratu Umar, stated made the pledge shortly after assuming office on Thursday in Abuja.

Umar, who took over from Yewande Sadiku, who bowed out after completing her tenure of five years, said NIPC will be a strong public institution, with a private sector orientation that delivers effective and efficient services that exceed the expectations of all stakeholders in the investment ecosystem.

“We will orchestrate and execute targeted investment drives along country-specific, investor-specific, sector-specific, industry-specific, regional- specific, and investment-type specific strategies to facilitate FDI (and LDI – Local Direct Investment) that fit into Nigeria’s development and investment needs, in an inclusive, coordinated, tangible, measurable and effective manner.

“We will logically conclude the National Investment Promotion Coordination Framework, to provide a clear strategy for a seamless collaboration and coordination of the Investment eco-system, as well as usher in a robust and effective stakeholder communication and engagement.

“This will result in effective partnerships between NIPC and critical stakeholders including the international community and development partners. We will listen to, and work with, our stakeholders.

“Indeed, within the next two months, we will hold the second series of our stakeholder engagement which we started in 2014, with various key stakeholder sessions to discuss their challenges, interact, and obtain feedback towards resolving them and creating synergies that facilitate impact.

“We are on the cusp of history, my dear colleagues, and Nigeria needs an NIPC that will maximally deliver on its mandate.

“Anything short of a world-class Investment Promotion Agency is simply not acceptable. We must keep this reality at the core of our focus, as we forge ahead,” she said.

The NIPC boss also called on management staff of the commission to lead by example and work as a team to achieve the desired goals.

“I expect all of us, and I mean all staff, to be ethical, committed, and above board,” she said.

Saratu, who also advocated for robust commitment to assigned duty from staff, warned against unhealthy competition in NIPC.

“I will expect an attitude of doing what is right and doing the right things right. I will expect a paradigm shift in culture to what is obtainable in world-class institutions locally and internationally.

“We must be a highly professional and a high-performing public institution. I will expect results and expect that we give our jobs our best shots,” she said.

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