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Our pain over pure water price hike – FCT residents

For about three weeks now, a bag of sachet water in the Federal Capital Territory, which contains 20 sachets, and sold for between N100 to N150, now sells for N200 to N250 by pure water companies, while retailers sell for between N300 to N400 as against the initial price. In this issue, FCT residents spoke on the plight of the poor in the face of the price increment. Excepts:


How pure is pure water? As regular and indispensable as ‘pure water’ is, it shouldn’t be so outrageously expensive. I know that it involves manpower, but the moment we keep permitting people to decide for us, then we are enabling them.

When people start drinking regular water and carry their own water from home, the pure water sellers will be out of business. This is something people cannot do without but we should stop enabling all these traders to keep deciding for us. If we don’t patronize them, they will run out of business. Then everyone, the sellers of the bags and the producers of pure water, will come to their senses.

People who have boreholes in their houses should buy filters and chlorine. Those who don’t have boreholes should buy chlorine and purify whichever water they have at their disposal. We have more pressing issues to worry about, water should not be a part of it. Purify your water yourself, buy a bottle and carry your water everywhere you go.


The sudden hike in the price of sachet water, especially within the Federal Capital Territory made the common man’s packaged water no longer common. Many now prefer bottle water that goes for N100 per bottle instead of buying sachet water that goes for N20 per sachet. what is the cause of this recent hike in price?

At Lugbe in Abuja, a bag of sachet water has always been N100 in shops, and cheaper in vans. The retail price by hawkers is N10 per sachet. I remembered hawking some when I was younger. It was until middle of last month that I started hearing the news that a bag of sachet water now goes for N250 and N20 per sachet.

So far, government has not issued any official statement on the sudden increase in the price of sachet water. Meanwhile, there are many speculations. Some are saying that the Buhari administration made it possible since in his administration, we have recorded increase in price of commodities so sachet water should not be left out.

Some also said that sachet water producers are on strike because of the cost of the materials they use in production. Others said that this sudden hike in the price of sachet water has something to do with dollar rate.  Some said for long, a sachet of water has been sold for N10, while other commodities doubled in price; hence, the price of sachet water should be doubled to create equilibrium.

Someone also said that some individuals are holding sachet water to create scarcity. Their suggestions are not out of place. Since the government hasn’t released any official statement to that effect, everyone is entitled to his opinion. Our focus should be on the effect of this in our society and the possibility of resolving it.

A commodity as common as water has a lot to contribute to the development of Nigeria. Hence, we must treat this issue with caution. The government and all citizens have a lot to do to ensure the availability of this commodity. The government must create an environment fecund for sachet water producers to ensure the availability of this commodity to common masses.

PRINCE WILLIAM: I understand that materials are up but what I also know is that water is a natural resource that we get.

Both water purifying machines and production costs have increased and given that the pure water companies are in business, and need to make profit, they had to increase the price of sachet water.

For me, the increase in price of water is not bad. I think we still need to encourage the pure water manufacturers.


We do not know where we’re headed in this country. No reason why we should be buying pure water for N20. Pure water is now N250; why? We shouldn’t be suffering and smiling. Even though prices of goods have changed it shouldn’t be pure water.

Go to the market and buy something of N100 today, tomorrow you return for the same product, the price will increase. What is happening to our country? We used to buy pure water for N5.00 now it is N20.


 Look around Nigeria, you will notice we are naturally blessed and endowed. Nobody pays a dime to our Creator. These pure water producers drilled boreholes and didn’t pay the Federal Government anything.

They claim that polythene materials used to package water are costly because dollar is high; but my confusion is that bottled water is still sold at N100, while sachet water has risen to N20.

Is it not the same way they import materials for bottle water that they use to import materials for sachet water; what is happening?

If NAFDAC people should go round, they would discover that most of the pure water production companies do not even adhere to the rules and regulations of pure water production. So why the increase in price?

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