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Abuja residents to pay more for water – Waterboard

Residents of the Federal Capital Territory would have to endure the 38 percent increment in water tariff, as the FCT Waterboard is insisting that the increase has become necessary owing to the high cost of production.

The FCT Waterboard recently jacked up price per cubic meter from N80 to N110 for domestic consumption and N300 for commercial consumers.

The general manager of the board, Engr. Tauheed Amusan, explained that the board has not carried out upward review of water tariff in last 12 years, despite the cost of water production which he pointed is well-above what customers were being charged.

According to him, the administration committed over N700 billion worth of investments into water supply in the nation’s capital in the form of infrastructure, equipment, chemicals, among other requirements for constant supply of quality water to FCT residents.

The GM told a section of the media that the huge investment cost was largely because most of the materials used were imported, hence their prices affected by the high cost of US Dollar.

“The truth is that the prices of things have gone up, and the cost of all the materials we use is affected the US Dollar. Cost of production is higher than what we charge customers”, he explained.

Commenting on the quality of Abuja’s water, the GM stated that the water was certified by the World Health Organisation as one of the best in the world.

He explained that Abuja’s best quality water production and supply was due to the Board’s excellent laboratories and scientists who work day and night, monitoring raw water that goes into Lower Usuma Dam, through the treatment plant, and all the way to final consumers.

While decrying the unwholesome encroachment into the dam area, Amusan noted that, though such activities would not affect the quality of water supply to residents owing to the world class water treatment processes, he said the minister has however given directive for the survey and fencing of the dam.

The GM also advised customers against making cash payment for water, regretting that: “One of our major challenges is sharp practices by some of our staff who divert funds into private pockets.

“I don’t want anything from any water Board customers and any staff should also not ask for anything from them.

“Any crime against provision of the FCT Waterboard Act will be tried in court and people will either go to jail or be fined getting water without paying or tapping from our main trunks,” he warned.

Already, he said the board has constituted a customer enumeration committee to carry out update of its customer register because the Board’s current customer enumeration was very poor.

An updated customer register would enable timely service of bills to customers and shore up revenue generation by the FCT Waterboard.

This is as he revealed that the Board has recorded the highest revenue of over N218 million as at November, 2022.

“We want to partner with the private sector so that they can give us value for money.

“We also want to deploy technologies to deliver services to the people by providing them with sufficient potable water at all times, and we want them to pay their bills promptly”, he appealed.

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