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Female herbalist arraigned for giving wrong diabetes medication

One Fariatu Usman Falali has been arraigned before a Sharia court sitting in Fagge Yan Alluna for allegedly issuing wrong diabetes medicine to a patient in Kano.

Falali, a resident of Takai LGA of Kano State was arraigned before the court by the state police command after receiving a complaint from relatives to the patient.

She was also accused of issuing the wrong medication and charm to another patient who is battling with leg injuries.

Earlier, Khadija Adamu took her son to the herbalist for treatment of his leg that got broken. The herbalist issued her a charm and medication but the patient hasn’t recovered.

They also discovered that the wrapped charms given to them by the herbalist were an empty paper.

The second patient, Najaatu Hamisu, received medication for the treatment of diabetes for her mother at the sum of N5,000 from the herbalist.

However, after a long period, she didn’t recover and the illness instead was increasing.

Meanwhile, the herbalist said she provided treatment for the diseases they explained to her.

The judge, Salihu Jaafar Mahmud, ordered that the matter should be reported back to the police for proper investigation.

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