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FCT residents decry return of military check points

Residents living around the Nyanya axis of the nation’s capital last week, had a herculean task making their way into the city center, following the re-emergence of military road blocks mounted around the Abuja-Keffi expressway.

Unconfirmed sources claimed the military check points were mounted following security reports of a planned attack on the FCT by bandits and terrorists. The report claims the attackers planned to enter the capital through the Abuja-Keffi expressway and other entry points.

Motorists, especially those coming through Kugbo, Karu, Jikwoyi, Orozo, Karshi, Nyanya and even those from the neighboring cities of Mararaba/ Masaka areas of Nasarawa state, found it difficult to transverse the road as a result of roadblocks mounted by the soldiers.

The stop and search operation, which began Tuesday night, was also extended to entry points in Abaji and Bwari, resulting in heavy traffic gridlock in those areas.

Though no reason has been officially given by the Nigerian Army for the return of road block on that axis after it was suspended over two years ago, the check points persisted through most part of the week, trapping commuters in holdups on the ever busy Abuja-Keffi road.

Some residents who spoke to our correspondent claim to leave their homes as early as 5am but could only get together offices as late as 12noon due to the logjam.

The chaotic situation forced several people to abandon their vehicles to trek several kilometers in order to meet up with appointments.

Expectedly, commercial motorcycle riders took advantage of the situation and made brisk business charging as much as N1000 to convey a passenger from Nyanya to Kugbo.

The presence of the Okada riders further compounded the problem on the road as hundreds of them were seen plying the highway despite the ban on activities of commercial motorcycle riders.

Most of the drivers who spoke with our correspondent lamented the sudden return of the military on the road saying the move has cost them unquantifiable losses in terms of time wasted getting to the office.

A staff of the Ministry of Works said he couldn’t go to the office for two days after being trapped on Tuesday.

“I couldn’t go to the office on Wednesday and Thursday after my experience on the road. I have quite a number of files to attend to but I there is no way I will put myself through that ordeal on the road. This is just me speaking but you can imagine the number of offices that have been affected by this military action.”

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