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Covid-19: FCT records 15, 221 cases in 2021

·        130 deaths


Death toll from the Covid-19 outbreak in the Federal Capital Territory peaked in the first quarter of 2021, with over 46 percent of the year’s total fatality said to have been recorded between January and March alone.

Data from the FCT Covid-19 Situation Room indicates that 60, of the 130 deaths recorded in 2021 happened during this period, with 24 deaths in January and February and March recording 18 each, respectively.

Regrettably, the fourth quarter also recorded significant number deaths in the territory, with 32, 3 and 11 persons said to have lost their lives to the virus in October, November and December.

The death rate however dropped in the second and third quarters when 24 deaths was witnessed across the six months period.

A case summary of the outbreak shows that 2 persons died from the disease in April 2021, while 3, 6 and 13 others died in July, August and September of the same year.

Death toll on a month by month bases, revealed that more people died from the disease in October 2021, with 32 deaths recorded in the month alone, while no single death was recorded in May and June.

Infection rate in the FCT was however at its peak in January 2021, as 5, 092, of the 15, 221 reported cases was witnessed in the January alone.

December also saw a surge in new cases of COVID-19 in the nation’s capital, as 3,677 residents came down with the virus.

Other peak periods were in February, August, September and October, when 2,298, 575, 1,376 and 1,260 new cases were recorded in the FCT.

There was, however, a significant drop in COVID-19 infection between April to July 2021, with 132, 59, 23 and 100 new cases reported in April, May, June and July respectively.

The first confirmed case of Coronavirus infection in the Federal Capital Territory was recorded in March 2020, and since then virus been biting harder with fresh infections and fatalities recorded across the country.

Statistics released by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on Sunday, January 9, puts Nigeria’s infection toll at 247,775 cases, while the fatality toll now stands at 3,071.

The FCT accounts for 27,654 of the infection rate and 241 of total deaths.

The World Health Organisation in October 2021, discovered a new variant of coronavirus identified as B.1.640.2 and nicknamed IHU.

The variant is believed to be more infectious than the highly transmissible Omicron variant and said to have 46 mutations and 37 deletions.

By contrast, the Omicron variant, which was first uploaded to Gisaid (a database for disease variants) on November 23, has more than 120,000 sequences in the database, with experts saying that the vast majority of Omicron cases have not been sequenced.

It has been detected in at least 128 countries, according to the WHO, and is fueling record-high case numbers in many parts of the world.

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