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Osinachi’s death: actress berated for seeking revocation of Enenche’s medical licenses


Former nollywood actress turned US based nurse, Georgina Onuoha, has been criticised for calling for the revocation of the medical licenses of Pastor Paul and Becky Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Center.
The actress had on Tuesday asked that the licenses of the preachers be withdrawn for saying that couples should never make divorce an option.
However an advocacy group under the auspices of Equal Right And Value Gender Advocacy Forum blasted the actress describing her demand as preposterous and begotten from sheer bitterness.
The group in a statement by its National Coordinator Mr Johnson Obiora, described the Onuoha’s statement as misplaced priority and baseless call as the issue on ground has nothing to do with the medical license of the Dunamis pastor and his wife.
He stressed that both Dr. Enenche and his wife are qualified medical practitioner in Nigeria, legally registered to practice medicine in Nigeria and the Nigerian Medical Council has a constitution, explicit provisions of what disqualifies a medical doctor in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and if need be, not by a mere call of a Nollywood actress.
The group explained that the revocation of license can only be contemplated when the practitioner is unable to carry out his duties as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution on the ground of misconduct, unprofessionalism, insanity or ill health.

 “It is regrettable and despicable that despite these clear provisions of the constitution, some persons lurking under the cloak of quasi celebrity personal and looking for cheap popularity chooses to amplified calls for revocation of license of a medical doctors turned great man and woman of God.
“These pseudo Nollywood personality have taken her act theatrics to another level with calls on Enenche’s licence to be revoked. Like one dancing naked in the market square, these pestle-wielding critics premised her contention on the prevailing revelation of a killer husband of late gospel singer Osinachi. Anybody that follows the ministry of Dr Enenche and his wife will testify that they both preach against abusive marriage and has always condemned it in totality. “The call for revocation of his license is preposterous and begotten from sheer bitterness. The Senior pastor of Dunamis is a strong man of God that has also paid his dues both in medical professional and ministry and both the service of the nation at large.
 “What then is the justification for these calls? Deductions from her irrational presentation betray the fact that she is amongst the same people sponsored by ‘deep pocket’ enemies within to overheat the polity.
 “We all know that such disgruntled elements and her sponsors will find it difficult not to support any evil against the man of God.
“The call to revoke his license and that of his wife is not only unfortunate but irresponsible and myopic. How else can one explain the call for the revocation of medical professional license without any fault in a sane society. These persons and their sponsors should know that Nigeria is bigger than their pedestal and parochial interests of myopic Onuoha” the stated.

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