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AMAC Chairman inspects, promises swift completion of community projects

Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) Chairman, Christopher Maikalangu, on Tuesday initiated a project tour to assess progress and completion of vital infrastructure across AMAC communities.

The tour began with a thorough examination of the installation of a 500kVA, 11-line transformer in Kugbo community, accompanied by a 500-meter road development in the same locality.

From Kugbo, the Chairman proceeded to Jikwoyi community, where he scrutinized the ongoing construction of a 945-meter road in Jikwoyi Phase 1.

He also inspected a groundbreaking 10,000-liter overhead tank solar borehole project in Angwan Gade, Jikwoyi. Additionally, he assessed the rehabilitation of the Orozo access road, rural electrification efforts in Orozo, and the refurbishment of the Jikwoi access road.

Further, Chairman Maikalangu oversaw the installation of a 500 kVA transformer in Karu community and the rehabilitation of the Gwagwalape access road.

Accompanied by top council executives, journalists, and security personnel, the Chairman’s tour extended to Kpeyegyi community, where he examined the construction progress of a 2.15-kilometer road project.

Addressing the community in Kpeyegyi, Maikalangu assured that the road projects would reach completion within three weeks.

He emphasized the importance of considering government property as one’s own and encouraged residents to protect these assets as they would their personal belongings.

He expressed his gratitude to the supportive community and urged them to continue being responsible citizens.

He said, “I am happy to be here today to inspect as much projects as possible being undertaken by my administration. What I always advise people is to regard government property as their own. Once you have that mentality, you will protect the property the way you would protect your personal properties.

“All the road projects you are seeing in Jikwoyi and Kpeyegyi, I am assuring you that they will be completed within three weeks. They’re not going to be abandoned projects. They will be completed for immediate use. I am grateful for the people supporting the administration. I want you all to continue being good residents.

“At Karshi community, Maikalangu inspected the construction of a comprehensive motorized borehole at Karshi Agwan, including the renovation of the secretariat”

Speaking on behalf of the Works and Housing department, Arch. Andrew Gaza stressed the significance of the water project as a fundamental necessity for the community, emphasizing that “water is life.” He lauded the AMAC Chairman for the initiative, noting its widespread appreciation within the community.

Representative of the Karshi community, Yakubu Audu, expressed their profound gratitude for the water project, highlighting its substantial benefits in addressing their long-standing issues with potable water.

The tour culminated with a visit to the Emir of Karshi’s palace, where Chairman Maikalangu was warmly received by HRH Ismaila Mohammed, who urged him to uphold the principles of quality leadership.

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