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Debunk myths, Covid-19 vaccine shots could save lives -Stakeholders

By Ijeoma UKAZU

Several testimonials from individuals who have been vaccinated are available on the social media space especially those who has lost loved ones from Covid-19.

The coronavirus vaccine has saved millions of lives globally as shots of the vaccine comes with the expectation that it would slow virus transmission and save lives.

A wide range of researchers have by carried out studies to know the efficacy of the vaccines from large-scale clinical trials, which is the gold standard for medical research.

Results from these studies found the vaccines to be very effective at preventing severe COVID–19 and especially good at preventing death.

In Nigeria, though myths and misconceptions still prevalent, some states are achieving 50 percent Vaccination of its population.

According to a graph released by the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, NPHCDA, some states in Nigeria namely: Ogun, Nasarawa, Oyo, Osun and Ekiti, have already met the deadline of January 31, 2022 and has attained a good trajectory of vaccinating 50 percent of its population, even as the agency advices Nigerians to take advantage of the mass vaccination campaign to get vaccinated.

In Enugu South East Nigeria, a good number of persons are trooping into the Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, Parklane and getting vaccinated on a daily basis as this was seen during a field visit organised by the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF recently.

Speaking with Mr Azubuike Okereke, a 70-year old man who came with his wife to get their first vaccine dose, said, “I am here to take the Moderna vaccine that is available. I have watched and see the roll out and so far, its efficacy has proven itself.

“The vaccine is good and I encourage those who are yet to get vaccinated, should please do for their own good.”

For Martins Onyedikachi, a software engineer who came to the hospital for his second dose said, “These misconceptions are all fallacies. I did not believe in them and now I am fully vaccinated.

“COVID-19 vaccines are safe; I didn’t have any adverse effects except for some feverish conditions. In addition, that was well managed by just taking paracetamol. I have been living my life as a normal person, my libido has not decreased or increased as insinuated,” he said.

He urged Nigerians to desist from being denied of their right to good health, debunk all myths and misconceptions about the vaccine and be vaccinated to save their lives.

Speaking during a two-day media dialogue in Enugu state on vaccine hesitancy organised by UNICEF in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, a medical expert, Department of Community Medicine, Enugu State University of Technology, ESUT Teaching Hospital, Dr. Nwachukwu Ugwunna, said that it is not the Covid-19 vaccine that would end the pandemic but vaccination.

He added that misconceptions may kill, but a shot in arm saves millions of lives from dying from the dreaded virus.

Lending his voice, Dr. Obasi Chikezie from the Department of Community Medicine, ESUT, explained that these conspiracy theories around the vaccine are propounded by bloggers for financial purposes and can be debunked.

He debunked some myths insinuating that a person would die in two years after taking the vaccine, that it has a magnetic metal and can leads to convulsion, it ignites electric bulbs. Others include changing DNA; it causes infertility amongst others.

Dr Obasi said, “All these are fake news or assumptions by bloggers to generate traffic for their sites and activities of some pharmaceutical for their self-gain.”

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